Cool shit AWESOME. Its the Big Boys’toy

Battleship – a movie worthy to talk about.

one of the few big-time shows that made it to gossip town.

People who played the board game –  Battleship must be very familiar with the fleet. It was my favourite board game till to date, if it can be considered as a board game.

Battleships survived until World War 2 before it slowly died down and was taken over by Destroyers .

Major pride and glory of modern naval war vessels, both are heavily armed with high caliber guns. Apart from that, the Destroyer is actually of lighter weight and more agile.

Below – a Destroyer, originally known as Torpedo-boat destroyer

The antique Battleship – full steel/iron with zero wood, fast multiple turrets and carries large missiles, ever bigger than destroyers and cruisers but heavy and slow on water.

After watching the show peeps, which do you prefer? The Ultimate Destroyer that lives up to its name or the sturdy Battleship with weaponries enough to take down any island.

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