Connecting Links – fish and us.

Attention for those who love salmon sashimi.

This awesome standing sushi bar sells THE red meat salmon sashimi at 3 bucks per serving ( there is like around 5 in one serving) on every monday.

are you kidding me??!!

3 bucks!!???


and we ate like a pig that night.





Doing things on a nothing day

Fixing my hair and massages after massages with love were simple relaxes we enjoy.


Recent craze for the old-school tamagotchi on my iPhone was cute maxxxx! You guys should totally try it, especially when you have a lot of time to waste – like yours truly. Haha !

Recalling those days I was sooooo into magic gathering cards, digimons and tamas.



Mood’s a lil pretty today.


As I am typing this … I am so hungry

My mood today – mixture of GOD DAMN BLOODY FUCKING HELL TIREDNESS and this::


HAHAHA!! this is uber hilarious can!!!

still manage to bring a smile to my face,

 the messy hair and no It wasnt intentional.


received this picture from Amanda recently as she found it while ransacking the BF’s room.

super classic.

I used to love tetris so much in the past, bet everybody has got one of these at home.

and we called it the brick game. haha!! cute max!


Can you still rem the mini .wav that comes with it?

Classic brick game music, I remembered, until now.

Restoration – elevate the weekend









A weekend retreat at Quincy boutique with love as we chiong soccer thru sat and Sunday, bake cupcakes together plus brunch at kudeta is the perfect combination for restoration.

Tell me what more perfect than 20 foie gras for two people.

Chicken burrito her please !




It’s a love affair with z baby and Robert timms.

And I watched battleship.
Yes, yet again.
Twice and I still love it.

Been moody lately.
Felt kinda heavy.
Of what, I can’t seems to figure it out. Guess it gotta be some PMS crap.
But at least, I felt real. I feel like I’m actually living, breathing.

Felt what I had to feel, thought what I should think.

10 years and out



Fans of Diablo.
The three is finally releasing on 15 May.

I’ve got my preorder, have you got yours?

I’ve got my beta loading today, have you got yours?

I’ve named my battlenet tag, have you got name yours?

I shall see you, when I see you.

Sunshine lunch

Dropping me food during lunch.
That’s what the sunshine do once in a while.
And of course, I make sure I finish every bit of it.
And taste every love of it.


Random newton circus crave brought us there for jumbo prawns.

It’s a weekend morning with tears- like rain outside the window.

Like stones to the heart.

USS once more – release – Monthsary

USS for transformers’ ride with love for our monthsary.

Simplicity adds on the fun.

 It was dope shit man I can take it again and again without feeling bored.


Michelangelo and my favourite Foie gras.


Our traditional purika taking on every monthsary with messages of the soul.

Yes, old school as it is.



Cool shit AWESOME. Its the Big Boys’toy

Battleship – a movie worthy to talk about.

one of the few big-time shows that made it to gossip town.

People who played the board game –  Battleship must be very familiar with the fleet. It was my favourite board game till to date, if it can be considered as a board game.

Battleships survived until World War 2 before it slowly died down and was taken over by Destroyers .

Major pride and glory of modern naval war vessels, both are heavily armed with high caliber guns. Apart from that, the Destroyer is actually of lighter weight and more agile.

Below – a Destroyer, originally known as Torpedo-boat destroyer

The antique Battleship – full steel/iron with zero wood, fast multiple turrets and carries large missiles, ever bigger than destroyers and cruisers but heavy and slow on water.

After watching the show peeps, which do you prefer? The Ultimate Destroyer that lives up to its name or the sturdy Battleship with weaponries enough to take down any island.

Warmest in the COLD